About Us

Allyoung Muslima Community :

This community was present by Allyoung Indonesia with their vision to be the biggest Muslim women community, who enthusiast for beauty, particularly in South East Asia, and throughout the world in general, also the place to share their beauty journey and inspire each other. We are supporting all Muslim women through their beauty journey to get their own beauty inside and out.



Being beautiful inside and out is something every woman needs to be.
Not only your outlook like, but also your inner soul.

There are so many beauty tools outside to help every woman get their own definition of beauty. As a Muslim, we have materials restrictions to be consumed, although used outside our body. And sometimes, the information about this crucial thing is hard to find. This has been one of the reasons we create Allyoung Muslima.

Allyoung Muslima is a place for every beauty enthusiast Muslim woman to get in touch, share all information about beauty, inspired each other, and also build the trust that we are proud to be Muslims, we are beautiful, and we care each other.